Friday, July 13, 2012

Bacon & Blue Turkey Burgers W/ Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

I just made these amazing burgers and wanted to share them with you. I've always liked "bacon and blue" burgers almost as much as I like mushroom and swiss burgers, but they tend to be a bit expensive. Not to mention they're not really as healthy as they could be. But, in the long run, these ended up being a nice compromise.

So the consensus for dinner was some turkey burgers we had in the freezer. We've gone to turkey burgers 'cause :
  • Turkey is cheaper than cow right now - a LOT cheaper.
  • They're healthier for you
  • They're poultry, not red meat, and we're trying to quit smoking (for those who don't know, eating red meat during quitting smoking will make the cravings and the irritability WAY WORSE!!)
First I cooked up some Turkey bacon to just about crisp, and made enough for two burgers each person (one piece per burger, so two pieces per person,) and set them aside to drain on paper towels.

Next I fried up the patties with some salt, black pepper (because I don't have any white,) and garlic granules (I never cook with garlic SALT, but garlic is it's own food group in my family!) While I was doing that, I had to HUNT for the homemade blue cheese dressing recipe I'd created, cause I'd re-set my laptop and didn't remember which cloud drive I'd stashed it on. Turned out, it was on my back-up physical drive. Figures...

So, here's the "secret" recipe for the dressing...
  1. 1 Cup Mayo (I like Best Foods, HATE anything even vaguely resembling Miracle whip - only time I ever ate it and liked it was on an ex-boyfriend's tuna melts, which I have all intentions of revamping.)
  2. 1 Cup Sour Cream (I originally used the kind with chives in it, this time I added 1/2 teaspoon of dried ones.
  3. A sprinkle of Sea Salt
  4. A heavy dash of pepper (I loved the cracked pepper Sizzler always put in theirs, so table black would have to do.)
  5. A heavy dash (maybe about 1 1/2 tablespoons) of Garlic Powder
  6. About 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
  7. Before mentioned dried chives (see Sour Cream)
  8. Crumbled blue cheese (can be organic, store bought, whatever strikes your fancy) 
Mix the first 7 ingredients thoroughly, add in the Blue Cheese, and stir until it's all mixed into the other parts completely.

By this time, I had all the Turkey burgers cooked and on a plate with paper towels, and since my husband doesn't like blue cheese, and the grandson is lactose intolerant (although he did eat one bite of mine and loved it,) my daughter and I were the only ones to brave the recipe. I put a good sized spoonful of blue cheese on the bottom of the bun, laid on the two halves of a piece of bacon, the burger, and a little more dressing on the top bun.

They were SO good (if you like bacon and blue burgers) and it was a much healthier version that I didn't feel too bad about eating. Except I didn't have any veggies on it, and I ate two. I'll make up for it tomorrow night with a Vegetarian Taco Salad.

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