Thursday, July 30, 2015

Welcome to Down to Earth Cooking

Welcome to Down to Earth cooking.
What you'll find here is a collection of recipes from my family or from the web that I've cooked, tweaked, screwed up, fixed, and eaten.

I'm not a "foodie," I'm a Mom.
I'm not a "chef," I'm a Cook.
I don't make "creations," I make Meals.
I don't "sterilize," my kitchen, I Clean it.
I don't "re-purpose food," I eat Left-overs.
(Although I can make some really interesting things with leftovers!)
My kitchen will never be seen on "Extreme Cooking," but will be remembered by my children and grandchildren.

I'm a Down-to-Earth Capricorn, Born on the East Coast, raised on the West Coast by a Texan-born Mother and a Southern cook of a Grandmother who made a point of telling everyone she cooked for the share-croppers when she was 9.  I love to eat, I love to share food with my friends and family, and I love tinkering with recipes (in fact, I don't think I've hardly *ever* cooked one more than once without tinkering with it, honestly.) I even tinker with Hamburger Helper. In fact I rarely buy them anymore because I make them from scratch.

I rarely measure once I've made something a time or two, unless it's something really intricate like yeast breads, which hate me, or something where the chemistry is sensitive. When I try making homemade mayonnaise I'm thinking this is going to be the case. My friends say I'm stocking food for the Apocalypse, (they're right, lol,) and I tend to do so in very little space. I have food in the oddest of places in my home, like closets and under coffee tables. And I'll admit when I goof something up, although it irks me to mess up a recipe, and I'll usually find a way to salvage it, sometimes creating something really interesting and tasty along the way.

I have cooked for two (hubby and I) and I've cooked for over a hundred (SCA feasts.) Even when cooking for lots of people, I tend to cook on a shoe-string budget, although not always. I usually cook with rather easily found ingredients, so you probably won't be scrambling to some strange market for some obscure item you have to learn a foreign language to ask for. I think my favorite number to cook for is about 4-5, so that usually means we either have some leftovers or I have friends over... sometimes both, but rarely... I have a couple of sayings in my house:
  1. No one leaves hungry if they arrive during meals.
  2. "Tis an ill cook who cannot lick their own fingers." ~ Shakespeare
  3. Unless you are willing to do it my way instead of telling me your way, get out of my kitchen.
  4. I can make a meal out of almost anything.
If this sounds like you, or how you'd like to cook (or both,) browse through my pages and see what looks good. I'll try and get pictures, but I don't usually have a camera handy when I'm in the kitchen.

Happy Cooking!

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